Planning Your Holiday Gift Giving During COVID-19

Reestablishing the bounds that make us feel closer to our family and friends has never been as important as during this challenging year. And, as the holiday season approaches, finding the right gift can be a way to communicate our love and care for the ones closest to us. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed the way we cherish and build relationships, but adapting to the new gift-giving traditions does not have to be hard! Here’s how.


What Are Holiday Gift Ideas That You Can Mail or Get Delivered?

Bringing home-made cakes, toys, and clothes to the house of our loved ones is now something that belongs to the past - unfortunately. But, you should not give up on trying to find a way to make this unusual holiday season just as memorable and special. Indeed, with a little extra planning, you can get a personalized gift delivered to the recipient’s doorstep. Here are some ideas to consider.

Candy Bouquets

Christmas Candy Bouquets are the ideal gift for little ones and adults alike. They don’t go out of style, they are beautiful, and you can personalize them to the recipient’s taste! Whether parties are allowed or not in your area, Christmas is the time of the year where we say goodbye to diets and indulge a little more in delicious food.

And, while this year you might not be able to all eat together, nothing is stopping you from filling up the candies supplies of your loved ones - you can be sure that they will appreciate it.

Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flower Arrangements are another way to surprise your loved ones and show them your love and affection. With so many options and alternatives you could choose from, you can send across a message of love, care, friendship, or wishes for a happy holiday.

Some of the most beautiful varieties to add to your bouquet composition include Poinsettia, Christmas Rose, Ivy, and Mistletoe. Aside from helping you create a stylish design, Christmas flowers can also last throughout the holiday season and withstand the harsher temperatures that characterize winter.


Just like you, many of your friends and family members will spend the holidays in their homes. With travel bans, restaurant closures, and social distancing measures still standing, it is unlikely for anybody to enjoy a holiday abroad. So, what is better than helping your loved ones make their homes beautiful and more comfortable? If you wish to do so, one of the best ways is gifting Christmas plants.

These are perfectly in tune with the holiday mood, but they can also create a focal point in any room. Poinsettias won’t need much care - which also makes them perfect for those friends who are still working on their green thumb!

DIY Holiday Gifts Ideas

If you wish to couple up your Christmas flowers or plants with a DIY holiday gift, you can be sure to leave a long-lasting impression on your family and friends. Here are just some DIY holiday gift ideas you can use as inspiration to give joy to personalized creations.

Care Packages

It is undeniable that we will all be dealing with higher stress levels and uncertainty this holiday season, especially compared to any other year. And, that gives us the chance to show our loved ones how much we care for them - with a care package!

In care packages or holiday gift baskets, you can add anything you want - or think the recipient will appreciate - but the aim is one: creating a box of items and details that can make anybody feel loved and cared for. Decorative lights, flowers, candies, films, and restaurant gift cards are only some options.

Personalized Cards

Creating a personalized card is easy, and it can be the perfect addition to Christmas flowers or plants. This allows you to enclose a special message that would not be as meaningful if sent by text!

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

One of the most arduous challenges this Christmas is showing your employees you care about them, and you are grateful for their hard work. While cakes and parties might not be on the cards this year, you can still bring the message across by getting something delivered to their houses individually.

Holiday gift baskets are ideal for this, but you can also convey the message with personalized Christmas cards and flowers, gift cards, candy bouquets, and plants. Useful gifts during these hard times - such as branded face covers - can also be a smart idea to look after your teams’ health and provide something that can be convenient for them.

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